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I am educated as a fashion designer from The Danish Design School and as a Master of Science in Digital Design, Communication and Media from The IT University of Copenhagen. I work freelance with design, craft and communication and I am associated regularly with University College Copenhagen, dep. Textile Design, Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation and other educational institutions national and international.

Since 1992, I have been a front figure in the development and implementation of knowledge about ethics and sustainability in the education, textile and fashion- industry in Denmark. I combine design thinking with knowledge and tools from project management and process facilitation to bring companies and organizations from ideas to concrete strategic actions.

Master of Science in Digital Design, Communication and Media (MIT), IT University of Copenhagen,2004 – 08

The Danish Design School, Department of Fashion Design, (now Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation)Copenhagen, 1989- 94


As a visual mediator, I work with multimedia design and design of projections for events. As a product designer, I work with hybrid projects where form, graphic expression, decoration and patterns complement each other. 

2011, 12, 13, “Culture Night” Copenhagen
Projections on and inside Thorvaldsens Museum, collaboration between Thorvaldsens Museum and the KADK.

2008-09, “Bread and Theatre”
Staging a meal through projections of patterns on and under food, Madeleines Madteater.

2009, “Hunger”
Staging a meal through projections of patterns, Madeleine’s Madteater.

2008, “Panem et Circenses Tur”
Projections on and under food, Glad i Mad, Stavanger, NOR.

2006 -16, ”Steen Ipsen”
Graphic identity, catalogue and website.

2003, “No Shit”
Catalogue and exhibition material.

2001, “Mette Sias Sommerbus”
Graphic identity, print and website.

2000 – 04, “1th”
Website and graphic identity.

1996 – “Dammand Design”
Founder of Dammand Design, multimedia design, product design and crafts.

2022 Ongoing, “Textile Conversation”, Öland Sweden. A collaboration between artists, designers, craft professionals and local weavers on Öland, Supported by the Foundation for Danish-Swedish Co-operation.

2021 ”HEM”, Not Quite, Sweden. Represented by the work “Epistemic artefact 1 – 23”, 23 objects
In woven copper, fused circular glass.

2016 “Danish Design Now”, Design Museum Denmark. Represented with 4 works in circular materials in the permanent collections of the museum.

2015 “DG15 – modern Danish glass- 40 years” Ebeltoft Glasmuseum.
Represented with 3 works in circular materials, and environmentally friendly transfer print.

2013 “Biennale for Crafts and Design”, Rundetårn, Represented with 2 works in laser-cut paper, a comment on the media’s ethical and aesthetical dissemination of international crises.

2011 “Biennale for Crafts and Design”, Kolding Hus. Represented with 3 works in circular materials, and environmentally friendly transfer print.

2008 “Spring Exhibition”, Charlottenborg.
Represented with 1 work, certified environmentally friendly inkjet-printed wool, a comment on ethical and aesthetical dissemination of war and conflict.

2006 “Biennale for Crafts and Design”, Kolding Hus,
Represented with 3 works, certified environmentally friendly inkjet-printed wool and linen.


I am a front figure in development of knowledge and implementation of ethics and sustainability, circular economics and CSR in the design field and in the educational sector. I apply my knowledge of strategic design, co-design, CSR, sustainability and business model design to drive innovative design processes on these platforms. My experience is that strategic planning and project management is necessary to ensure the best conditions for projects to develop constructively.

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Design and Conservation, KADK, Nexø

Biennale staff. European Ceramic Context 2018 is a part of the Bornholm biennale for modern European glass and ceramics. The biennale includes exhibitions, seminars, artist talks, master classes and artist in residence. Project employee 2018

KADK, Copenhagen, Educational and course manager at product and fashion design, with responsibility for and development of the area of strategic and sustainable design thinking. Over a number of years, I have initiated and implemented courses in strategic design thinking, business model design and process facilitation. KADK has been voted one of the top five design schools in the world. 1997-2017 permanent employee, freelance since 2017

“KONNECT”, funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers
Co-organizer, project manager and facilitator on “KONNECT”. Project financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers for the purpose of bridging the gap between art and science in the dissemination of scientific data on the world’s environmental challenges. “KONNECT” was a collaboration between the Iceland Academy of the Arts, KADK, Stockholm Resilience Centre and the University of the Arts Helsinki. 2015 – 17

Program for Cleaner Products, the Ministry of Environment
Organizer and project manager for a number of events, exhibitions and seminars. The purposes of the “Environment – Design – Fashion” and “No Shit” projects were to provide designers and companies with knowledge about and the necessary tools to make environmentally friendly choices in design processes. 2002 – 04

COWI, DANCED project “Cleaner Textile Production Project”, Project manager, facilitator and jury member of project and event “No Kak”. The focus of the project was to work with the entire value chain in cotton production, from the cotton farmer to spinning mils, dye stores and final production, sales and distribution of clothing. South Africa 2004

Cooperation between BEC Design, Copenhagen Business School, KADK and Engineering College of Copenhagen
Participant and representative from KADK at the “Centre for Responsible Design”. 2008 – 12

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency and Danish Textile Panel
Member of the executive committee under the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. The purpose of the project was to establish strategies and achieve consensus to promote demand and supply of eco-labelled textiles. 2000-06.

Academy of Arts and Design, KADK and RAMBØLL
Project manager and project developer for “Network Group for Designers and Companies Key Persons”. 2004

Association for the Promotion of Sustainable Design”, (FFBD) Co-organizer and concept developer of “The Organic Fashion Show” in connection with “The First Ecological World Exhibition”, The Danish Society for Nature Conservation. Co-editor of FFBD Fashion Magazine “ITCH”, dealing with environmentally friendly fashion. 1996 – 97


In my work, I am determined to create the best possible conditions to ensure that people and projects can develop positively. I have practical and theoretical experience in managing and facilitating projects including research and development. My teaching philosophy draw from methods of didactics, process design and process facilitation.

I have an interest in and knowledge about sustainable business development and strategic design thinking, where I use my competencies within project and process facilitation.

Product design in textile and fashion
– Material knowledge and science
– Textile and fashion design
– Life cycle assessment
– Workshop experience and teaching
– Use of new technologies, such as laser cut, textile inkjet print etc.
– Trend forecast

Graphic and multimedia design
– Graphic design
– Illustration and image processing
– Concept design

General competencies
– Drawing and sketching
– Process and design methods
– Concept development

CSR, ethics and sustainability
– FN’s 17 world challenges
– Ethics and sustainability
– Circular economy

University College Copenhagen, KP, Textile and Handicraft Design.
Teacher and course manager. 2019 –

IT University of Copenhagen, ITU
Teacher and course manager, Designing Sustainable Futures. 2019 – 2021

Danish Coastal and Natural Tourism Foundation and ACAB, Arts & Crafts Association Bornholm
Teacher and course manager, design method, 2019

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, KADK
Teacher and course manager. 1997 – 17, Freelance 17-

INDEX, Design to Improve Life Challenge.
Lecturer, facilitator and jury member. 2016

Diploma Education in Design Management, (KADK)
Design-based process facilitation.
Teacher and program developer. 2015 – 2016

Copenhagen Youth Fashion Summit, KEA
Project participant, teacher and facilitator. 2014 – 2017

University of Borås, Sweden
Lecturer and censor. 2013 -14

Center for Applied Artistic Innovation (CAKI)
Participant and representative of KADK “Educational Learning Communities at Holmen”. 2011 – 13

Steneby, University of Gothenburg, Academy of Design and Crafts, (HDK). Moderator and lecturer. 2009 – 2020

Copenhagen Business School, (CBS). Speaker and project partner. 2006 – 2009