Peter Moell Dammand Materials In 2nd Generation 1

About the project “Materials in the 2nd generation”

Materials have Mana. Materials have history. Peoples/tribal societies around the world attribute mana to people, animals and objects. Mana is soul.
Stones and rocks: minerals have mana. Soil and crops: plants have mana. Animals and humans: organisms have mana.
Mana is history. Mana accompanies materials around the circuit.

Jacket: Plastic bags from Illum
Shirt: Jute sacks
Vest: braided bicycle tubes
Pants: woven newsprint and linen thread (woven by My Kirsten Dammand,

The project “Materials in the 2nd generation” was developed and exhibited in connection with “Danish Design Aktuelt”, Sofieholm Castle, most recently mentioned in the encyclopedia “Danish Design History” by Lars Dybdahl

Sustainable design is both about thinking about alternative energy and originally about materials. You can experience materials again and again and … in the first generation, 2nd generation, 3rd generation, 4th, 5th, 6th, etc.    Each generation adds new meaning to the material and all materials – even processed ones – can be considered raw materials. Soulful raw materials. Raw materials with history.

Peter Moell Dammand Materials In 2nd Generation 2